thedo is a design studio that specializes in visual development and identity building for companies and organisations. Our mission is to help our clients to stand out in the markets and to stick into mind of target audiences with creativity and strategy. We have been fulfilling our dream and mission in creating innovative designs and deliver success for different brands and organizations from different sectors. We believe that every ground-breaking design starts with Breaking and reforming. Our consultancy service could always solve problem with appropriate solutions that bring our clients to attention and appreciation.

Branding / Identity
Developing sticky and differentiated image in a branding / marketing perspective which attract target audiences through our strategic and visual creation.

Theme Visual / Promotion
Creating relatively intensive and ad hoc visual solution that catch attention and yet strengthen brand loyalty, through visual idea creation.

Print Items
Creating concept and layout design for print items including souvenir, book, flyer etc., which deliver messages, photographic or verbal contents to receivers, through graphic presentations.

Web Design
Creating concept and layout design of website, online stores and online promotions that are appropriate and unique.